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        In recent years the number of registrants for national examinations of various types has shown an increasing trend. Taking 2017 for example, a total of 19 Civil Service Examinations and Professional & Technical Examinations were held, consisting of 10 Civil Service Examinations, and 9 Professional and Technical  Examinations, which yielded a total of 470,425 registrants, 349,023 actual examinees, and 55,802 qualifiers. For detail see Figures 1 & 2 and Table 1 & 2.

Figure 1:Number of Registrants for Various Examinations, 2008-2017

Figure 2:Number of Examination Qualifiers in Various Examinations, 2008-2017

Talbe 1:Candidates Registering for All Examinations

Table 2:Candidates Qualifying in All Examinations

Update: 2018-05-24
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