Introduction of Ministry of Examination

  • Taiwan, R.O.C.'s Exams
  • Exams for foreign service
  • Exams for judges,prosecutors,lawyers
  • Exams for police officers
  • Exams for civil servants

General Themes

1.Exams and people’s employment rights protection
2.Equal opportunity to take (national) exams
3.Cases (examples) of Administrative Courts or Constitutional Courts’
  rescinding the decisions of examination authorities regarding appeals
  against exam eligibility (whether a person is eligible to take an exam)
  or exam scores

4 Special Topics

1.Examination systems for foreign service
2.Examination systems for judges, prosecutors, lawyers
3.Examination systems for police officers
4.Examination systems for civil servants

Conference Program
October 11 and October 12 (Friday and Saturday), 2013
Civil Service Development Institute
  30, Sec.3 XinSheng S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 10660, R.O.C.

Day One: October 11, 2013Friday

08:30-09:00 30


09:00-09:30 30

Welcome Speech     
Chung Kuan, President of the Examination Yuan
  Den-yih Wu, Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) 

  Pao -Cheng Tung, Minister of the Ministry of Examination

09:30-09:45 15 Introduction to the Ministry of Examination (DVD)
09:45-11:00 75 Session 1:Examination Systems for Foreign Service
Moderator:Mien-sheng Hsu, President, Institute of Diplomacy and International
                 Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan
Presenter:  Eugene K B Tan, Assistant Professor of Law, Singapore
                 Management U., Singapore
Presenter:  Gerard Marcou, Professeur à l'université Paris 1 Panthéon-
     Sorbonne, France
Discussant:To-hai Liou, Chair and Professor, Department of diplomacy,
                 National Chengchi U., Taiwan
11:00-11:15 15 Tea Break
11:15-12:35 80 Session 2:Examination Systems for Foreign Service
Moderator: Yuang Kuang Kao, Minister without Portfolio, Examination Yuan, 
Presenter:    Seong Soo Oh, Assistant Professor, Dept.of Public Administration
                   Hanyang U., South Korea
Presenter:    Kwei-Bo Huang, Associate Professor, Department of diplomacy;
                   Director, Center for Foreign Policy Studies, National Chengchi
                   U., Taiwan
Discussant:  Stephen S. F. Chen, Convener, National Security Division,
                   National Policy Foundation; Adjunct Professor, EMBA Program,
                   National Chengchi U., Taiwan
Q&A:15 minutes
12:35-13:30 55 Lunch
13:30-15:05 95 Session 3:Examination Systems for Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers
Moderator: Ya-Feng Lin, Minister without Portfolio, Examination Yuan, Taiwan
Presenter:    Martin Gross, President, Legal Examining Board Berlin/ 
                   Brandenburg, Germany
Presenter:    Jeong Hoon Park, Professor, School of Law, Seoul National U.,
                   South Korea
Discussant:  Huei-Huang Lin, President, Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry
                   of  Justice, Taiwan
15:05-15:20 15 Introduction to the Special Exam for the Disabled (DVD)
15:20-15:35 15 Tea Break
15:35-17:10 95 Session 4:Examination Systems for Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers
Moderator:Chen-Huan Wu, Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice,
Presenter:   Li-Chun Chia, Consultant, Judicial Examination Center, Mainland
                  China (PRC)
Presenter:   Masanori Okada, Professor, Waseda Law School, Waseda U. 
Presenter:   Chih-Fang Tsai, Professor, Department of Law, National
                  Chengkung U., Taiwan
Discussant: Hong-Jhe Liang, Director, Personnel Dept., Judicial Yuan, Taiwan
Q&A:  20 minutes

Day Two: October 12, 2013(Saturday)

08:30-09:00 30


09:00-10:35 95 Session 5:Examination Systems for Police Officers
Moderator:  Cho-Chiun Wang, Director-General, National Police Agency,
                   Ministry of the Interior,Taiwan
Presenter:    Jong Bock Lee, Professor, Far East U., South Korea
Presenter:    Gerard Marcou, Professeur à l'université Paris 1 Panthéon-
                   Sorbonne, France
Discussant:  Jhen-Rong, Tsai  Dean, College of Finance and Economics, Chair
                   & Professor, Dept. of Law; Aletheia U. ,Taiwan
10:35-10:50 15 Tea Break
10:50-12:25 95 Session 6:Examination Systems for Police Officers
Moderator: Yu-Cheng Ou, Minister without Portfolio, Examination Yuan,
Presenter:    Toshiyuki Kanai, Professor, Faculty of Law, U. of Tokyo, Japan
Presenter:    Chih-Chiang Su, Dean of Academic Affairs, Central Police U.,
Discussant:  You-Yi Hou, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, Taiwan
Q&A:   20 minutes
12:25-13:30 65 Lunch
15 Introduction to the Special Exams for Indigenous People (DVD)
13:45-15:25 100 Session 7:Examination Systems for Civil Servants
Moderator: Jeaw-mei Chen, Minister without Portfolio, Examination Yuan,
Presenter:   Gerard Marcou, Professeur à l'université Paris 1 Panthéon-
                  Sorbonne, France
Presenter:   Ling-Yun Yu, Professor, School of Law, Tsinghua U., Mainland
                  China (PRC)
Presenter:   Sheyu Chen, Associate Dean & Research Fellow, Nanjing  
                  Xiaozhuang U., Mainland China (PRC)
Discussant:  Jay N. Shih, Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Public 
                  Administration, National Chengchi U. Taiwan
15:25-15:40 15 Tea Break
15:40-18:00 140 Session 8:Examination Systems for Civil Servants
Moderator: Fu-Yuan Huang, Minister, Directorate-General of Personnel 
                  Administration, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
Presenter:   Toshiyuki Kanai, Professor, Faculty of Law, U.of Tokyo, Japan
Presenter:   Hideki Goda, Deputy Director-General, Human Resources Bureau,
                  National Personnel Authority, Japan
Presenter:   Kun-I Liu, Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Administration and
                  Policy, National Taipei U., Taiwan
Discussant:  Tsai-tsu Su, Professor, Dept. of Political Science, National Taiwan
                   U., Taiwan
Q&A: 20 minutes
18:00-18:10 10 Closing Remarks
Pao-Cheng Tung, Minister of the Ministry of Examination, Taiwan, R.O.C