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Examination Invigilation Act

Promulgated by the National Government in a text of 8 articles on 25 November 1920.
Amended and promulgated by the National Government in a text of 6 articles on 23 February 1933.
Amended and promulgated by Presidential Order in a text of 6 articles on 26 October 1950.

The text of the Act is as follows:

Article 1
When examinations are held other than for Qualification Screening, the Examination Yuan or the agency charged with examination administration shall request the Control Yuan or Control Yuan administrative offices to appoint an Ombudsman Invigilator for the examination in accordance with the stipulations of this Act.
The Control Yuan shall be requested to appoint a Member of the Control Yuan as Ombudsman Invigilator for all examinations for which a Board of Examiners is convened.
Control Yuan agencies may appoint local personnel as Ombudsman Invigilators for all examinations administered by personnel appointed by the Examination Yuan or which are delegated to relevant agencies.

Article 2
The chair of the Board of Examiners shall submit to the Ombudsman Invigilator a list bearing the names of the members of the Board of Examiners.

Article 3
The following tasks shall be carried out under the supervision of the Ombudsman Invigilator:
a.sealing of the individual answer sheets;
b.safekeeping of the sealed list of examinees;
c.printing, safekeeping and distribution of examination questions;
d.sealing of the collected answer sheets;
e.opening and verification of the sealed list of examinees;
f.review of examination scores;
g.announcement of the list of successful examinees.

Article 4
In the event of collusion, unauthorized exchange of answer sheets, or other acts of cheating discovered during an examination, the Ombudsman Invigilator shall report such incidents to the Control Yuan for handling in accordance with the law.

Article 5
Upon completion of the examination, the Ombudsman Invigilator shall submit a report on the examination to the appropriate Control Yuan authority.

Article 6
This Act shall come into effect on its date of promulgation.
In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version of these Regulations, the latter shall prevail.
Update: 2018-07-06
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