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Our nation has a long history of selecting and recruiting civil servants through examinations, it is also the oldest such system in the world, and has always been a strong factor of social mobility in traditional political society. After the foundation of the Republic of China, the Examination Council was established in 1929 as the authority over all exam administration affairs nationwide. Following the Constitution, the Ministry of Examination Organization Act was also promulgated on 21 July, 1948, and the Ministry was thus formally established. In view of social progress and operational developments, the Act was amended and implemented on 23 January, 1989 and 23 November, 1994 respectively, expanding both the numbers of units and staff.
The Organization Act of the Ministry of Examination defines its main tasks as:

1. Administration of national examinations: To conduct Civil Service Examinations and examinations for professional and technical personnel.
2. Supervision of contract examinations: To supervise organizations and other bodies entrusted with the execution of examinations.

Essentially, the Ministry’s mission is to select highly qualified professionals for government employment and to ensure that professional and technical personnel satisfy the high standards required to provide society with outstanding services.

Update: 2017-02-07
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