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The Ministry comprises of five buildings: the Administrative Building, the First, Second and Third Examination Buildings and the National Examination Center.

The Administrative Building



The building is situated at no.1-1, Shiyuan Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116203, Taiwan (R.O.C.) and was inaugurated on 10 Sep,1994. It takes up 3,021sq m. and has 8 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. The total surface of all floors is 14,889sq. m. The two underground floors also serve as air shelter, car park . The 1st to 7th floor above ground are for office use, with an open-plan design and generally large offices for each unit. The 8th floor is a large hall for events that can hold up to 500 people; this space serves for large gatherings as well as venue for meetings.



External view of the Administrative Building

First Examination Building



The building is situated at no. 1, Shiyuan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City. It was completed in March 2001 and occupies a ground surface of 953.97sq m. There are 8 floors above ground and 3 floors below, adding up to a total of 7543sq. m. of floor space. The building mainly serves for examination administration affairs.



picture of "Examination Affairs Building I"

Second Examination Building

The building is situated at no. 74, sec. 1, Muzha Road, Taipei City. The building has 1 floor underground and 5 floors above, and was completed and inaugurated on 15 July, 1987. It has a total floor surface of 3653sq. m, and is mainly used for examination administration purposes.

picture of "Examination Affairs Building II"

Third Examination Building

The building is situated at no. 78, sec. 1, Muzha Raod, and was inaugurated on 18 October, 2012, with a ground surface of 741.47sq. m. It is a steel structured building with 2 floors underground and 7 above, and a total of 3319.6sq. m. of floor surface. It serves mainly for the examination question bank and related affairs.

Third Examination Building

National Examination Center

Completed and opened in September 1993, the National Examination Center is located at No. 72, Section 1, Muzha Road, Taipei City. As the main facility for the administration of national examinations, the National Examination Center has nine above-ground and two below-ground levels, a total floor area of 24,777 square meters on a base covering 6,871 square meters, and eight 15-passenger elevators. The Center has a total of 97 examination rooms, each equipped with 42 desk-and-chair sets.

The first to the seventh above-ground levels house 91 examination rooms which together can accommodate 3,822 examinees at a time. The eighth floor has six rooms dedicated to computer-based exams, with a total seating capacity of 366, an auditorium that seats 250, and six meeting rooms of various sizes – two rooms that seat six each, one room seating 12, one room seating 16, and two rooms each accommodating 36. Below-ground levels house the parking garage and emergency shelter.

Examination rooms on the first and second floors can be configured for events of 170 people by joining four rooms into one. Computer-based examination rooms on the eighth floor are equipped with the computer-based examination system and are supported with an uninterruptible power system, air conditioning, a fire alarm system, and a PA system.


picture of "National Examination Center"

Update: 2023-03-16
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