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Thank you for visiting the Ministry of Examination (MOEx) website. The MOEx website is committed to honoring and protecting the privacy of its visitors. To assist you to understand how the MOEx website collects, uses, and protects the personal information you provide while visiting the website, you are asked to please read through the following privacy policy statements carefully.

The Scope of the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is only applicable to the MOEx website on the collection, use, and protection of personal information rendered during your visit, but does not apply to other government websites or associated fee-submission websites linked through this website. Whether maintained independently by other government agencies or jointly by MOEx and various organizations, groups, and businesses, those external websites, linked to facilitate your visit and the submission of application or fee, all have their own privacy policies. MOEx website is not responsible for any of their privacy practices. When you perform online application and transaction on those websites, you should consult their privacy policies for the protection of your personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

1.If you only browse or download information from the website, the MOEx website does not collect any personal information about your identity.
2.When you use the online application services provided through the MOEx website, the various organizations administering the services may ask you to provide the most current and accurate personal information such as name, citizen ID number, contact phone numbers, e-mail address, mailing address, and permanent address.
3.During your visit to the website, the MOEx website will automatically collect and record certain information such as your IP address, the date and time of your visit, and the web pages you accessed at the website. The information is collected for statistical analysis of the traffic patterns and online behaviors at the MOEx website, and only for broad aggregated analysis of the users but not that of the individual users of the MOEx website.
4.The MOEx website will protect the privacy of the online applicants who use the services provided by the website. The website will not disclose or alter any parts of their personal information on file without the applicants' prior consent, except under the circumstances described as follows, when the disclosure or change,
‧Is subject to or authorized by law,
‧Is necessary for the protection of other users' rights and assets,
‧Is necessary for the protection of the rights and assets of this website and the various organizations associated with this website.
5.The MOEx website will not sell, exchange, or share your personal information with other organizations, individual or private corporate enterprises except under the following circumstances, when it is required a) by judiciary agencies for lawful investigation, b) for other related authorized agencies to access and conduct necessary investigations in accordance with their statuary duties, c) on the reasonable assertion that the disclosure is called for under law, and d) for the maintenance, improvement, and management of the services of this website.
6.All transmission of personal information at the MOEx website is encrypted using 128 bit SSL protocol to safeguard the transmission against unlawful access of the third party.

The Responsibilities of the Individual User

1.All subscribers to the MOEx website who use the online application services provided by the website are responsible for maintaining and updating their personal information to ensure that it remains accurate, current, and complete on file.
2.The various associated organizations administering the online services provided by the MOEx website reserve the right to refuse service wholly or partially to subscribers whose accounts contain erroneous or misleading information.
3.You as well as the various associated organizations administering the online services through the MOEx website are responsible for the security of your account and password.
4.In the event that your account or password is stolen or otherwise becomes exposed to unauthorized use, or that any other security problems arise, you should notify the MOEx website immediately via email to our inquiries mailbox to alert the information management personnel for action and assistance.
5.Make sure to log out every time you're done using your account for online transaction so that the account is protected from others' misuse. If you are sharing the computer with someone else or using a public computer, always remember to close the browser after each use to prevent others from access to your personal information or mail.
6.All users of the MOEx website should comply with domestic and international laws and regulations on privacy and information security, and be fully responsible for incidents connected to their personal accounts and passwords.

For Further Information and Comments

1.If you have questions or concerns concerning the privacy policy statements above, please contact us via email to our inquiries mailbox.
2.If any of the various organizations associated with the MOEx website is suspected of violation of this privacy policy, please alert us via email to our inquiries mailbox.

Update: 2023-03-16
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