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Publish Date 2022-12-13
Title National examinations screen carefully to provide needed public sector workforce

Civil service examinations are the primary avenue for government agencies to select qualified staff members. The exams come in different categories and give candidates with a variety of educational backgrounds and expertise a chance to enter the public sector. Iconic level 1 and level 2 senior exams screen high level candidates, especially in fields requiring rare or technical expertise.

According to the Examination Yuan, there are currently 35 level 1 senior and 91 level 2 senior exam categories. Statistics show that the most job openings in the recent three years are in the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (under the Atomic Energy Council of the Executive Yuan). Requirements for senior exams are high — applicants must hold a doctoral or a master’s degree. Testing is multi-staged and rigorous. Level 1 requires candidates to pass three stages in order — a written exam, a review of the candidate’s publications or inventions, and an oral exam. Academic and research units use for level 1 exams. Level 2 exams have a first written and a second oral stages. Candidates who pass level 2 exams hold posts that require technical and professional expertise.

To broaden high level civil servants’ global perspectives and improve their English levels, level 1 and 2 exam regulations were amended in November 2021 and March 2022. The new regulations will take force on January 1, 2024, requiring exam applicants to submit proof of English language proficiency. English will not be tested as a written subject in level 1 examinations. The “overseas communities affairs”, “cultural administration”, and “journalism” categories in Level 2 will also require applicants to submit proof of English proficiency at registration. The weighting of the subjects “constitution and English” and “English” will be adjusted for other categories. These adjustments were made in response to globalization and national policy needs, aiming to select individuals with governance expertise needed for the modern government. The Ministry of Examination encourages talented individuals to join the public sector and keep up-to-date on exam information.

The latest issue of the National Examination Newsletter explores the topic of research institution recruitment, with interviews with recipients of the Civil Service Outstanding Contribution Award from the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan. All are professionals in atomic energy research. Section chief Zhang Yong-Rui passed the level 3 senior exam; deputy section chief Li Yi-de and unit chief Jiang Zheng-lun both passed level 1 exam. Zhang said atomic research fits his interest and his microgrid research has laid the foundation for future development which will benefit related industries, society, and the nation. These dedicated professionals remain enthusiastic about public service in a job market environment where private enterprises offer high paying jobs to attract top candidates. Their contributions and spirit are truly admirable. Find more details in the latest issue and share.

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