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Publish Date 2023-02-02
Title Looking to the future, MOEX plans for organizational change

MOEX presented an update to its reorganization plan during the 123rd meeting of the Examination Yuan’s 13th term held today. Examination Yuan President Huang Jong-tsun stated that it’s been nearly 30 years since the organic laws of the Examination Yuan was amended in 1994. He went on to note that significant changes have occurred due to advancements in information technology and telecommunication, the need for national exams to keep pace with global trends, AI, decreasing birth rates, and competition with the private sector for human resources, and how technology and international exchanges should be expanded. MOEX structure should be more flexible and resilient to recruit and develop human resources for modern government.

The report showed a series of improvement strategies implemented since 2019 in response to a fast-changing environment. Major strategies involving cross-unit collaboration, manpower deployment, and organizational restructuring and redeployment include enhancing recruitment, accelerating the digital transformation of national exams, and improving testing methods. MOEX will continue to work on organizational appropriateness, manpower deployment, and formulating regulations for titles, official ranks and grades, personnel allocation, and other relevant regulations. Work will be done in accordance with Articles 7 and 8 of the Basic Code Governing Central Administrative Agencies Organizations and Article 6 of the Civil Service Appointment Act. MOEX will prepare amendments to organic law, regulations, departmental affairs regulations, and human resources allocation. Organic law will be greatly streamlined with regulations concerning operations, responsibilities, and manpower deployment directed for future policy changes.

MOEX expects related bills to be submitted immediately to the Examination Yuan for review and then to the Legislative Yuan for legislative process. MOEX will continue requesting expanded funding and staff necessary to study regulation, to improve, and for future developments.

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