Senior, Junior, and Elementary Exams

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Introduction to the Elementary, Junior and Senior Civil Service Examinations


1.The Senior Civil Service Examinations are divided into level one, two and three, according to level of education. Persons possessing a Doctorate degree may sit level one examinations; persons holding a Master’s degree may participate in level two examinations; and those with a Bachelor’s degree may take level three examinations. Junior Civil Service Examinations are available to all persons with a high school education; while Elementary Civil Service Examinations are open to everyone above the age of 18, with no qualification restrictions.



2.Examination methods: Level one examinations consist of three sessions. The first is written, the second is authorship and invention verification, and the third is an oral examination. Level two examinations have two stages, the first is written and the second oral. Level three examinations mostly take written form only; although some examination subjects are divided into a first examination in written form, and a second in oral form. As for Junior Examinations, only Civil Service Examinations for Hakka Affairs are administered in two sessions, all other examinations are in written form only. Elementary Civil Service Examinations, too, are in written form only.



3.Examination subjects: There are 35 categories in the level one examinations, 91 in the level two examinations, 113 in the level three examinations, 71 in the Junior Examinations, and 16 in the Elementary Examinations.



4.Employment qualifications: Examinees who pass level one examinations qualify for level 9 assistant grade employment; those who pass level two examinations are qualified for level 7 assistant grade employment; and level three qualify for level 6 assistant grade employment. Candidates who successfully complete the Junior Examinations are eligible for level 3 junior grade employment; and qualifiers in Elementary Examinations are eligible for level 1 posts.



5.Transfer limitations: Successful examinees obtain qualifier status by completing and passing their job training. From the day of obtaining qualifier status, they may not transfer to posts outside the originally appointed organisation or subsidiaries thereof within three years.


Update: 2020-08-31
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