Civil Service Special Examinations for the Disabled

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To follow through the social protection policies regarding the employment rights of the disabled as stipulated in the R.O.C. Constitution and the Physically and Mentally Disabled Citizens Protection Act as well as the provisions of subparagraph 2 of Article 3 of the Civil Service Examinations Act, the Ministry of Examination administered three Civil Service Special Examinations for the Disabled in 1996, 1999, and 2001 respectively. A total of 708 qualified in these Examinations. Among them, 404 qualified in the 1996 Examinations offered at four levels in 58 categories; 128 qualified in the 1999 Examinations at three levels in 32 categories; and 106 qualified in the 2001 Examinations at three levels in 28 categories. The administration and results of the Examinations have received positive social attention and responses.
To ensure and improve the employment opportunities of the people with disabilities and extend the government's support of the disadvantaged groups, the Ministry of Examination continues to work with the Ministry of Civil Service and the Central Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan to survey on the positions and current openings for the disabled in various governmental organizations and agencies. The information is collected to reflect the government's hiring needs and forms the basis for designing the Civil Service Special Examinations for the Disabled. Thus, the most recent Civil Service Special Examinations for the Disabled, taking place on January 25 through 27, 2003, were offered at three levels in 52 categories for 208 government posts.
During the Civil Service Special Examinations for the Disabled, various accommodations are provided in accordance with the support measures set up in place by the Ministry of Examination to meet the special needs of the candidates sitting these examinations, such as those who are visually impaired or upper-limb impaired. For the hearing impaired, skilled sign language interpreters or otherwise competent service personnel are assigned for invigilation and support service at the examination site. For people with cerebral palsy that impedes physical coordination and makes writing difficult, computers and diskettes are provided according to the specific needs of the individuals. These special accommodations are offered so the candidates with disabilities may receive reasonable support and participate in the Examinations in a proper test environment.

Update: 2018-07-06
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