Civil Service Special Examinations for Local Government Personnel

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Starting from 2003, the original Special Examinations for Basic Level Local Government Personnel in the Provinces of Taiwan and Fuchien and the Special Examinations for Basic Level Local Government Personnel in the Taipei Municipal City are consolidated into the Civil Service Special Examinations for Local Government Personnel. The Examinations are offered in nine examination districts, including the City of Taipei, the City of Kaohsiung, Northern, Middle, Southern, and Eastern Taiwan, Penghu Area, Kinmen and Lienchiang Areas of the province of Fuchien. According to the needs of the respective local governments located in these various exam districts, the Examinations qualify and independently appoint civil service personnel at grades three, four, and five. Moreover, the Examinations are offered in various categories such as General Administration and at different grades from year to year, depending on the employing needs of the local governments. In 2003, Grades Three, Four, and Five of the Examinations were held simultaneously for the first time. The procedure aimed to tackle the past problems of a) over-qualified candidates sitting in the examinations at a level below their qualifications, and b) candidates sitting in the examinations at more than one level, which could lead to their simultaneous qualification at those different levels and create problems for the ensuing recruitment and appointment efforts.
Candidates having successfully passed the Special Examinations shall obtain qualifications for civil service appointment within specific series and groups of positions. After the completion of their job training and attainment of their relevant qualification, they may not transfer outside the original agency that requested the examination during the first three years of their employment and they are also required to serve additional three years in the original agency or its affiliates before taking up employment in a different agency.

Update: 2018-07-06
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