Practical Examination Regulations

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Practical Examination Regulations

Dates of Promulgation

Establishment of the complete text of 11 articles, promulgated and taking effect on November 27, 2000 as per Examination Yuan (89) Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 07734.
Amendment to Article 1, promulgated on April 10, 2002 as per Examination Yuan (91) Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 0910002348.
Amendments to Articles 3 and 5 and addition of Article 3-1, promulgated on October 28, 2010 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 09900084501.
Amendments to the complete text of 12 articles, promulgated and taking effect on August 7, 2015 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 10400046691.
Amendment to Article 10, promulgated on May 2, 2016 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 10500025881.

The text of these Regulations is as follows:

Article 1
These Regulations are established as per Article 14, Paragraph 2 of the Examination Affairs Act.

Article 2
Practical exams use practical operation to evaluate the examinees’ professional knowledge, practical experience, and technical skills.

Article 3
Practical exams are administered in groups depending on exam level, category, number of examinees, and scheduling.
Practical examiners are assigned by the Board of Examiners. One practical examiner will be appointed as convener.
Practical examiners may be chosen from members of the Board of Examiners, or when necessary, from senior civil servants from a relevant hiring agency, an examination agency, a professional supervisory agency, or by experts in the field. Alternate practical examiners may be assigned if necessary.

Article 3-1
To accommodate the nature of the practical exam subjects and actual evaluation needs, practical exam equipment, tools, and materials may be custom-ordered to meet required specs by MOEX or the school, institution, or group that is commissioned to hold the practical exam. Incurred fees may be charged to examinees.  

Article 4
Scoring components and weights for practical examinations:
1. Professional knowledge: 20 points 
2. Practical experience: 30 points
3. Technical skills: 50 points
Scoring components and weights may be adjusted according to exam level and category.
Scoring sheets for practical exams are included in Appendix.

Article 5
Before practical exams are held, a meeting shall be called to discuss question scope and topic, scoring standards, time allotment, and other related matters. 

Article 6
Practical exam questions should be printed beforehand in the exam facilities.

Article 7
Practical examiners will grade each scoring section on the score sheet and give comments if necessary.
Practical exam scores are calculated as the average of the sum of all actual scores given by each practical examiner for that specific exam.

Article 8
Examinees whose practical exam score is less than 60 points will not pass the exam even if the total score of the exams meets the passing threshold.
The preceding paragraph does not apply if the particular exam regulations provide otherwise.

Article 9
Members of the Board of Examiners, practical examiners, and examination staff members, whose spouse, blood relative, or relative through marriage within three degrees of relation happens to take the exam, or those who happen to be the head of the examinee’s workplace, or the examinee’s direct superior at work, or thesis supervisor should recuse themselves.
A violation of preceding paragraph will lead to disqualification from the Board of Examiners or from the position of practical examiner or examination staff member.

Article 10
Members of the Board of Examiners, practical examiners, and examination staff members shall maintain confidentiality in regards to the scoring process.
Disclosure is prohibited and subject to Article 31 of the Examination Affairs Act.

Article 11
These Regulations shall come into effect upon promulgation.


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.


Update: 2022-11-30
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