Psychometric Exam Regulations

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Psychometric Exam Regulations

Establishment of the complete text of 7 articles, promulgated and taking effect on December 14, 2015 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 10400089671.

The text of these Regulations is as follows:

Article 1
These Regulations are established as per Article 14, Paragraph 2 of the Examination Affairs Act.

Article 2
Psychometric exams may be administered in groups depending on exam level, category, number of examinees, and scheduling.
Psychometric exams are directed by members of the Board of Examiners or by psychometric examiners appointed by the Board of Examiners. One psychometric examiner will be appointed as convener.
Psychometric examiners may be appointed from members of the Board of Examiners, or when necessary, from civil servants from a relevant hiring agency, an examination agency, a professional supervisory agency, or by experts in the field.
Psychometric examiners appointed from non-Board members as per the preceding paragraph must have the same qualifications and selection procedures as members of the Board of Examiners.

Article 3
When necessary, psychometric exams may be conducted for different exams and may assess candidates’ intelligence, aptitude, personality, temperament, and interests using text, numbers, symbols, shapes, or operations.
Types of psychometric exams: 
1. Intelligence tests
2. Aptitude tests
3. Personality tests
4. Interest tests
5. Other
One or more of the preceding test types may be conducted depending on the nature of the examination.

Article 4
The type of psychometric exams, scoring standards, reference standards, test weightings, and related matters are specified in the specific exam regulations.

Article 5
Members of the Board of Examiners, oral examiners, and examination staff members, whose spouse, blood relative, or relative through marriage within three degrees of relation happens to take the exam, or who happens to be the head of the examinee’s workplace or a direct superior at the examinee’s workplace, or the examinee’s thesis supervisor should recuse themselves.

Article 6
Members of the Board of Examiners, psychometric examiners, and examination staff shall maintain confidentiality.
Disclosure is prohibited and subject to Article 31 of the Examination Affairs Act.

Article 7
These Regulations shall come into effect upon promulgation


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

Update: 2023-01-17
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