Exam Paper Review Application Procedures for Examinees

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Exam Paper Review Application Procedures for Examinees

Dates of Promulgation

Establishment of the complete text of 15 articles, promulgated on November 27, 2015 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 10400045281 and the effect date would be determined separately.
Establishment of the complete text, promulgated on September 2, 2016 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 10500052531 and taking effect on April 1, 2017.
Amendments to Articles 14 and 15, promulgated on September 11, 2021 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 11000063841.
Amendments to Articles 4 and 11, promulgated on March 15, 2022 as per Examination Yuan Kao-Tai-Zu-(1)-Yi-Zi Order No. 11100008441.

The text of these Regulations is as follows:

Article 1
These Procedures are established as per Article 26, Paragraph 4 of the Examination Affairs Act.

Article 2
The term “exam paper” in these Procedures refers to graded essay and multiple-choice answer sheets.

Article 3
Submission deadlines, application methods, fee policies, prohibited conduct and other relevant information shall be specified in the exam information pack.

Article 4
Only exam takers may request an exam paper review.
Exam takers will review an image file of their exam paper at a computer facility provided by the exam administration agency. If exam papers are not scannable, or the image file is unclear, or under other special circumstances, the exam administration agency may provide a copy of the exam paper for review.

Article 5
Applications for review must be submitted within 10 days of the day following the announcement of exam results. Requests may be made through the national exam online registration system by providing the subject and paying a service fee. Applications will not be accepted if the application is not submitted by the exam taker or if the application or fee payment is not made by the deadline.

Article 6
The service fee for an exam paper review is NTD 100 per subject, per request.

Article 7
Reviews must be completed within 20 days of the day following the application deadline. This period may be extended for 10 days.
Exam takers whose applications have been approved shall review their exam papers at the designated location on the designated date.
Review approvals may be delivered through fax, text message, email, or other electronic means.
Exam takers unable to complete their review on the designated date due to reasons beyond their control shall notify the exam administration agency no later than three days before the designated date to request rescheduling.

Article 8
The exam administration agency shall seal the signatures or stamps of the chair of the board of examiners, convener, and graders before providing for the review.

Article 9
Reviews are limited to 15 minutes per subject.

Article 10
Exam takers must present their national ID card or other form of photo ID, such as passport, national insurance card, or driver’s license, to be admitted for the review. Identification will be checked and collected prior to the review. Personal belongings will be kept at the designated location. Exam takers will be requested to sign the reviewer registration book.
Exam takers will be requested to sign the reviewer registration book after the review has been completed. They may claim their ID documents and personal belongings after their signature is confirmed.
Daily hours of operation, review location, and work procedures will be established separately by the Ministry of Examination.

Article 11
The examination administration agency shall provide an image file of the exam paper for the subject requested. For exams that are graded online, the image file will include grader comments and points awarded for each question.
For computer-based multiple-choice questions, the examination administration agency shall provide the exam taker’s answers for review.

Article 12
The following conduct is prohibited during the review:
1. Personal misrepresentation or use of false identity.
2. Transcribing, copying, recording, taking photographs, or engaging in any form of duplication.
3. Carrying writing instruments, mobile phones, wearable devices, data transmitting, sensing, photography, or recording devices, or any telecommunications device.
4. Viewing other exam takers’ image files (or copies) or talking.
5. Allowing others to view their image file (or copy).
6. Damaging, destroying, or removing an exam paper copy.
7. Damaging or destroying computer equipment.
8. Smoking, eating or drinking, chewing gum or betel nut, making noise, engaging in vandalism, or showing disrespect towards others.
Reviewers must be guided and supervised by staff. Any violations of the preceding paragraph will result in a suspension of the review. If criminal liability is involved, the matter will be referred to authorities for prosecution.

Article 13
Exam takers with disabilities may request special assistance by providing proof during their application. The Ministry of Examination may provide assistance once the request is accepted.

Article 14
Exam takers shall submit a report in writing of any circumstances found in Article 28, Paragraph 3, Subparagraphs 1, or 3 to 5. These matters will be submitted to the Chair of the Board of Examiners.
The following shall apply if score recalculations are required:
1. If the original score did not meet passing standards but the new score does, MOEX shall report to the Examination Yuan to qualify the applicant with approval of the Chair of the Board of Examiners.
2. If the original score meets passing standards but the new score does not, MOEX shall report to the Examination Yuan to disqualify the applicant with the approval of the Chair of the Board of Examiners.
3. If both original and new scores do not meet passing standards, the exam administration agency shall notify the applicant.

Article 15
The date these Procedures are implemented will be determined separately. Amended articles shall take effect upon promulgation.

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

Update: 2024-01-10
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